catherine vulliamy

What have you gained from coaching?

A magical sense of expansiveness and possibility!

How can you imagine your life improving from having done these sessions?

I think that I’m better able to push myself into the world than I would have otherwise – more confidently, with a strong sense of myself and my potentials, with a feeling of expansiveness, responsibility, and an awareness of my own power in the world.

What have the challenges been for you in being coached?

I think that, at the very beginning, it felt like a frightening leap of faith to invest financially in coaching at a moment when I was feeling financially extremely precarious!

But it very quickly became clear not only that it was a wonderful investment, but more importantly perhaps, that there was a deeper challenge in the work about my own sense of worth and feeling willing/able to invest in myself (financially and otherwise)

How do you see your coach’s strengths?

Her compassion, her ability to reflect my words back to me in ways that bring freshness and vitality, the feeling that she absolutely believes in me and has my back on this journey we are sharing.

What is the single most important thing that made this journey worthwhile for you?

I can’t break it down like that – it is, for me, an intensely holistic experience, and I suspect that the positive repercussions will continue to resonate for years! I came into coaching at a particular moment of profound transition, and I suppose that coaching has turned out to be a nurturing midwife of this particular ‘birth’.


Catherine gained full, very meaningful employment within months of working together. After our initial partnership she chose to continue on a monthly basis and is going from strength to strength, holistically.

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