I was feeling quite lost. I knew that I wanted to grow and change but I didn’t have the courage or tools to do it on my own. The opportunity for coaching came at an important time in my life when I was looking for a new path.

The biggest challenge for me was taking the first step in messaging Libby. However, once I did, Libby met me at the level that I was at with 100% freedom from judgement. I felt so comfortable to talk with Libby about anything, yet she helped me move a little bit out of my comfort zone each session.

Only six months of coaching later: I am more ‘aware’ and there is a shift in how I ‘am’ in conversations. During difficult conversations or situations, I hold myself differently. I am more calm and I allow myself more space to think. I am less reactive feel more in control – and I can already see my relationships improving as a result.

I now foresee a different future for myself, where I am able to speak my mind in a considerate way without being a doormat. I have found a confidence that I didn’t think I would find until much later in life (if at all) and I am now holding my own in space, ensuring that people know my boundaries and respect them.

I’m still working on it every day but I’ve already noticed such a shift in how people interact with me – who is in my life, and who isn’t. Only the ones who respect my new boundaries are still here.”

– Grace, 25, Australia.


Grace & Alex at their wedding

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