What have you gained from coaching? Emotional support, practical advice, confidence and focus. How can you imagine your life improving from having done these sessions? Confidence in facing the future with a deeper sense of my own self-worth, which will translate into choices motivated by positive feelings and inner strength, choices that will foster happiness, … Continue reading Simon Tilbury, Cambridge University

Simon Tilbury, Cambridge University

What benefits have already come from our work together? You said it - NEW ROSS....! Your support and mirroring has enabled this to happen, while working in a more spacious way. This is the most distinct 'take-away' - so far... What benefits can you imagine coming in the future (if you maintain kind awareness on … Continue reading Ross Porter, Voyage Vert

Ross Porter, Voyage Vert

I honestly feel that what you have given me in has been little short of magical! I have greater clarity about my emerging and evolving self (including my needs, desires, motivations) than I have perhaps ever had, and, crucially for me, an ability to articulate that clarity. I feel so empowered by our work, and … Continue reading Dr Catherine Vuillamy

Dr Catherine Vuillamy

I gained insight and clarity about how to live my new life, expand my horizons, keep the creative juices flowing. I can imagine gaining even greater self-knowledge about myself and my relationships as the process unfolds. Libby is perceptive, highly resourceful, intelligent and intuitive. And very nice too!

Professor Karen Pine

My sessions with Libby have enhanced our philanthropic journey immeasurably. I now have greater clarity about HOW I want to invest / give as well as in what direction. I have personally grown from this experience and recommend it most highly.

“I've found it extremely useful and uplifting to have a space in which to work through my thoughts and feelings. It's given me clarity and also balance. I have been able to work through things that I found confusing or upsetting and come out feeling very different to how I started, often lighter and more … Continue reading

“...incredible eye for the bigger picture. She manages to bring all the stories, points, philosophies and rants I blurt out together and reflect them back to me in beautiful harmony. “That makes for a pretty special relationship and environment in which I can ‘work’ on myself.”

“I highly recommend Libby to any purposeful being out there who is ready to not only face but revolutionise their own world. Libby naturally gives off a feeling of possibility making coaching a very fulfilling journey."