“Clear understanding of the proposition, experience, contacts and acumen to help build and realise the concept.”

(founder and owner of Fantasy Football League. New, pro-social impact concept in development.)

Andrew Wainstein

“You are an incredibly powerful coach, Libby. I feel your active listening, gentle guidance, strong sense of intuition led me down undiscovered paths of thought.”(high potential ‘millennial elder’ in transition)

Tamara Clements

“The work Libby does is incredible because it carves out space for creative growth and thought, without pressure. The only pressure is on healthy growth itself, however that might look for the individual.” Maddie Godfrey (Aust / UK)

Maddie Godfrey, Poet/Performer
What have you gained from coaching?
Emotional support, practical advice, confidence and focus.
How can you imagine your life improving from having done these sessions?
Confidence in facing the future with a deeper sense of my own self-worth, which will translate into choices motivated by positive feelings and inner strength, choices that will foster happiness, value and satisfaction in work to come.
What have the challenges been for you in being coached? 
Fear of exposure, fear of facing difficult thoughts and feelings about who I am and what I am worth ‘out there’ in the world. Fear of facing the reality of low energy and how that may continue to impact upon my ability to live, work and play.
How do you see your coach’s strengths? 
Intelligent compassion, enthusiasm and excitement while investigating my strengths, celebrating my achievements and mirroring my fears with a practical eye on how I might view them in a different way. Humour and honesty, a willingness to share her own vulnerabilities and elements of her own journey thru life. A fierce but fun-loving perspective that is infectious and inspiring.
What is the single most important thing that made this journey worthwhile for you?
The message that I am good enough, and that the future will be alright.
Any other comments you want to make?

Just to communicate gratitude to Libby for the energetic support and intelligent, incisive, courageous help she has given me. Looking forward to more coaching in 6-12 months.

About Simon’s journey, boundaries, sensitivity and energy

Simon is likely to be awarded his PhD in Literature from Cambridge University early 2018.  A snap shot or his remarkable journey here. We are all so proud of him. ME / Chronic Fatigue is estimated to affect 250,000 in Britain alone and millions worldwide. There is far more research, understanding and support needed. I coach an increasing number of clients with ME / Chronic Fatigue and am confident working with this condition, among others.

Often some of the most high potential people are the most sensitive. We have more data coming in to be processed and need to reduce input and maximise processing time in order not to become overwhelmed or exhausted. We also need to learn to filter. Restoring personal boundaries is essential, and realising that just because full-time, mainstream “job jobs” may or may not suit us, doesn’t mean we are not valuable and able to create a full life that works and contributes to society in our own unique ways, often in more interesting ways than we might feel forced to pursue.

The work of Dabrowski is very helpful in this space. Some clients value this book, It’s been a total lifesaver for me in understanding how to harness my own energy and value myself, differences and all.
Simon Tilbury, Cambridge University
What benefits have already come from our work together?
You said it – NEW ROSS….! Your support and mirroring has enabled this to happen, while working in a more spacious way. This is the most distinct ‘take-away’ – so far…
What benefits can you imagine coming in the future (if you maintain kind awareness on what wants to emerge)?
Building the team through inspiring and creative leadership. If we carry on our current trajectory the added value from working with you will put these within simple grasp.
What are some of your strengths?
Resilience, patience, adaptability, resourcefulness.
Name at least one way you will build on them?
By working in the heart area and less with the head I see no problem.
Bringing creativity into the mix.
Maintaining stamina by staying in the body.
What are your coach’s strengths?
Libby offers a skilful, creative feedback loop. You know the knowledge to ‘fix’ my issue sits within me – looping my voice back with a ‘sense making’ filtered is your skill and all – I believe – is needed
Would you recommend your coach and if so why?
Yes – have done 🙂 – see above + an ‘Aussie’ straight-up-ness.
About Voyage Vert – Ethical sail travel. About Ross Porter, Founding Director.
Ross Porter, Voyage Vert

About free introductory sessions
“It was a really enjoyable session that gave me a great insight into coaching, and helped me reflect differently on a current work issue. Libby is good at listening, non-judgmental and great at reflecting back. We also looked at service design using coaching for carers at the end of life. I got a clear insight into coaching and think I would gain a lot from receiving more – I am hoping to start in January.” About Ella (MSc RCA) / TIU / Coach for Care

Ella Walding, The Innovation Unit
What benefits have already come from our work together?

I have learnt how to listen to my gut. By spending more time with myself- me time (!), I have learnt to listen to my inner voice and recognise it. This has helped my decision making in and out of work.

I have learnt how to fill my well!! Before seeing Libby, I spent all my time with others and listening to them. Now I enjoy (as above) some me time, but also reading before bed and I’ve starting some small gardening projects. I also find recipes to try, which makes me happy as it is therapeutic! I’ve also starting investing in myself with a massage and I’m looking at yoga classes near me.

All the above has ultimately helped me find my voice. I’m more considered in what I say professionally, but I have the confidence to speak, rather than waiting for someone else to say what I’m thinking.

I’ve also started pushing back on additional unnecessary projects, to look after the team.

I am also proud of my semi permeable membrane. Others have remarked that I don’t get as flustered and I don’t take some things as personally anymore. I AM good at my job!

I’ve also found it inspiring to evaluate my values and remind myself of them in various situations.

What benefits can you imagine coming in the future (if you maintain kind awareness on what wants to emerge)?

Empowering myself by giving myself the time to reflect and develop, so I am ultimately a more effective, efficient and innovative person.

What are some of your strengths?

I am empathetic, passionate, driven, caring, thoughtful, a good listener, analytical and positive.

Name at least one way you will build on them?

By congratulating myself when I’ve shown one of my strengths, to positively reinforce it!

What are your coach’s strengths?

Inspiring confidence in others, good listener, great at asking springboard questions – so I answer them myself and keep thinking about them. People person, open, creative.

Would you recommend your coach and if so why?

I already have 😊. She makes me believe in myself and gives me confidence to drive for success without hurting myself.

Any other comments you want to make?

Our time has gone so quickly and I look forward to a follow up in the future.

About Nicola Casey, Senior Philanthropy Manager.

About Women for Women International

Nicola Casey, Women for Women International (UK)

I honestly feel that what you have given me in has been little short of magical! I have greater clarity about my emerging and evolving self (including my needs, desires, motivations) than I have perhaps ever had, and, crucially for me, an ability to articulate that clarity.

I feel so empowered by our work, and the ways it is helping to reveal me to myself and support me to ‘become’. I feel empowered, curious, expansive.

So glad to have connected and be able to do this work with you; it is truly transformative and I am very grateful!

Dr Catherine Vuillamy