True Legacy


I support visionary humans, philanthropists, trusts and foundations to give from a cup that’s running over.

I offer a tailored range of coaching services to help philanthropists be the best they can be and enjoy a more meaningful, connected life.

Together we find solutions to any scale of generosity.

Contact me for a discrete, no obligation conversation that can deliver initial results within minutes.


What is True Legacy?

A peaceful state of being, knowing you are reaching your potential in receiving (and receiving) authentically, consciously, powerfully.

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Bee & Flower Podcast here for inspiration. Head & heart giving that pollinates.

Why do we give?

  • Because we know the actions and choices made now can help in the future.
  • Small gifts can help lead to big change.
  • We are compelled to take action.
  • Giving honours life and the power of the human spirit to affect change.
  • It makes good use of our abilities and taps into what we have to offer. We all have something to offer.
  • It’s part of our upbringing and culture.
  • We don’t want to see suffering and we wish to assuage it. Human beings feel a connection.
  • Because we are grateful.
  • To demonstrate our love for others.
  • We give because we know that suffering thrives on apathy.

From “Successful Philanthropy” by Jean Shafiroff.

What is success?

Your cup runs over
You live generously
Leaving the world a little better
That you have lived

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