Coaching is now well known to provide lasting short term and long term results.

At the heart of coaching lies the idea of empowering people by facilitating self-directed learning, personal growth and improved performance.

One-to-one learning conversations have existed since the dawn of civilization. Current advances in neuroscience prove what is happening to the brain and the whole being as change occurs.

  • 99% of organisations in the UK using coaching said that it can deliver tangible benefits to both individuals and organisations  (CIPD).
  • More than 70% of HR professionals believed that coaching is actually more effective than training courses as a means of changing behaviour and improving performance. (TSFT).
  • Evidence for the work we do at Human Bells is, by its nature, less empirical and based on personal journeys. See Feedback here and get in touch if you want to suggest ways to gather more evidence. I will be checking in with clients at regular intervals and always probing for deeper knowledge to share with all.

Sound detachment and good sense are required to make reasonable decisions about coaching, in addition to trusting your instincts.

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