We need these stories, right?

Written for my coaching community but sharing here too. Love to know if it stimulates anything for you.

Since I trained as a coach, my income and impact has doubled every year, on an inclusive, sliding scale. And I know I can invite more if I need to. Coaching is all about empowerment, after all’s said and done. Not in some winner takes all way, but power with, not over.

I’m no longer financially dependent on my husband, having chosen to be a stay-at-home mum (kind of). This means we can move into mature, adult lives as true partners, not co-dependents. My emergence helps his, and others. There is resonance and flow.

Just looked at the triple bottom line of Human Bells again (see below) and I am consistently reaching or exceeding generous targets. They will plateau soon as endless growth is only appealing in consciousness terms, not financial. Although if it is my journey to steward vast sums, I feel no fear about that. Just curiosity. Easier to measure financials but that’s only part of the picture, right? So much more to life, especially in times like these. Space to breathe and look forward seems essential, resilience, connection to self, other and earth all needed.

It all seems to be energetically feeding itself and I notice more synchronicity.

Reading the signs and following them, with right effort. I guess we all work out what floats our boat eventually. Aging seems to help, if our inner compass is tuned for a direction of travel that fits.

We’ve got a powerful, new generation change process consortium in the pipeline (working title “Wild Geese”). “Standing in the compost heap of life with our eyes on the stars” as my supervisor Hetty quotes in this highly engaging interview.

Dee Corrigan, Grae, Nathanial Whitestone and many others supporting on that. Growing out of the UWC Alumni Coaching Project.

Our next big probono project is up and running now – Coaches for Extinction Rebellion (XR) – rolling out internationally with a vibrant team – while we lead and co-evolve self organising systems that scale with our growing networks for good.

It’s boggling some days to notice all this, but my sessions with supervisor Hetty Einzig and co-coaching with big souls like Fatima Jatta, Todd Roache and Harmeet Singh work wonders.

Clients keep finding me – coaches, leaders in their field, parents, activists, writers, media producers, academics, social entrepreneurs, evolutionaries and others – all people wanting to have a positive social impact small or large (its fractal anyways) and look beyond just business as usual.

We’ve hired an operations co-ordinator one day a week to help move it all along and I will finally be able to curate and hold space for one or two peer-to-peer coaching groups this autumn. Get in touch to be included.

The book / project I started in the rice paddy in Ubud, Bali this winter is getting a major update through all of this, and dream agent and publisher are awaiting an outline. Share your voice here www.tinyurl.com/JoinPlanetMe.

Drafted a couple of covers (as you can) just for fun. Which one do you prefer? Will be up to the publisher though I imagine.

Yannick Jacob and I co-hosted Europe’s first symposium on Coaching & Psychedelics and our community is emerging to help evolve best practice. All coaches welcome. I’m coaching individuals on their journey and leaders in the field like Rory Spowers and Rupert Sheldrake.

My life partner Grae Sutherland has also now trained with Animas, and been met by so many beautiful colleagues and clients in his cohort and referral network – who really get what a natural coach he is after many years space holding in the engineering and tech fields, most recently for central government. The circle grows.

The RSA are going to co-host a public UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Game with us this autumn (I was recently certified as one of the first facilitators in the UK and it’s looking at having a major roll out throughout business and society. Needs must!

Our clever Bea is off to study Global Challenges at Leiden University in The Hague (hopefully getting to see a few Oil execs in the docks), after graduating from UWC Atlantic College.

My blood cancer is all fine now. No major concerns. Love the NHS! I’m getting older and wrinkler, I need afternoon naps more often to sustain all this energy. And I have major concerns about the suffering caused and increasing rapidly due to the climate emergency, but I still have a lot of contentment.

Can’t quite believe how coaching has enhanced my life so much, not to mention all the friendships, Buddhism, meditation and psychotherapy before that. But I can safely say from personal experience, almost no matter what we have lived through, there is hope, there is peace, there is love – when we invite growth to happen. Luck definitely plays a part, but as Tank from The Bangas said at Love Supreme this weekend:

“If we speak it and we work for it, it comes.”

Can I really be kissing this much joy as it flies? Yes. Because I know it won’t last, so I’m just wanting to celebrate it with you now while it’s here. And because I know any envy we feel can be met with kind awareness as we learn to own our potential.

Forever grateful to all of you at Animas where I trained, and especially the one’s who’s heart-minds have held this space for me most tangibly – Charlie Kelly, Nick Bolton, Robert Stephenson, Karen Conway Animas, Marcus Stone, Sam Chambers (aka Mr Big Heart – nearly our one year anniversary), Yannick, Grae Sutherland my clients and all

New generation coaches who focus on the triple bottom line are SUCH a potent community, and I know we are always here for each other, which makes such a difference. I never feel alone on this journey.

Peace, love and TBL (Profit, People, Planet) impact for all – if that’s your thing. If not, please consider.

This article on TBL speaks to that and, by coincidence, John is now in our extended network – having joined Extinction Rebellion – among so many other ethical, future-oriented business, political and social leaders .