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Welcome to my website. Please have a look around and get in touch with any questions.

My name is Libby Davy and I offer coaching, facilitation, action learning, mentoring and strategic consultancy.

I work equally with private individuals and leaders, teams and organisations – to create healthy progress in their personal and professional lives.

Almost no matter what the goals or context, significant progress happens when we find a rhythm, by listening to what wants to emerge.

“Truly skilful, compassionate and wise. World class coaching.”

My clients learn to be and value who they truly are, while making an authentic, impact in their world, on any scale small or large.

Who do I work with?
My clients range from parents to coaches, to leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and activists. All are equal and matter to me just as much.

The micro and the macro views are both crucial to the wellbeing of all on this planet, and I like to be met by this balance.

My fees are on a sliding scale to make things fair and equitable. An appropriate level of commitment is required for our work to be effective, which we can discuss openly when we talk for the first time, with no obligation to proceed.

What happens?
Limiting beliefs drop away and focus arises. We share surprisingly simple conversations and activities, yet change can happen within moments or months – during and between our interactions. Some choose to work together on and off over years.

Working within organisations, we move towards a reflective culture that enables effective action.  All my work is informed by systemic, holistic approaches and I have extensive ongoing training, accreditation and supervision.

My inspiration
I am inspired by all my clients, ecological systems, my clients and the work of many – Hetty Einzig, Joanna Macy, Anaïs Nin, Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Suzi Gablik, Otto Scharmer, Paul Hawken, Arianna Huffington and Fred Laloux in particular.

My first career was strategic stakeholder relations, and I was offered tenure in a leading Australian business school at the age of 26, after setting up several consultancies and working across most sectors.

I hold this word “work” lightly, as often it can be like play, and mostly it flows easily and naturally, with discipline and good habits emerging.

Unlike therapy, we focus primarily on the present – looking ahead. Sometimes we link what’s showing up now with past patterns that are asking to shift. Transformation happens.

“Insightful. Empowering. Naturally gifted at drawing people out.”

Are you ready to move forward in life, work, service, enterprise or philanthropy?

Contact me if you are curious about what’s possible, about what wants to emerge at this time. We can have an initial conversation, in confidence.

Some organisational clients
Organisations I am honoured to have worked with include:

Women for Women International
Voyage Vert
Robin Hood Health Foundation
Wild Philanthropy / Journeys by Design
Wilderness Foundation
Outcomes Star
Buddhafield Village Retreat
National Native Title Tribunal
Dept. of Conservation & Land Management

“Libby has great belief in people’s ability to address difficulties and realise their ambitions and dreams, and an insightful mind that quickly hones in on the important issues. I am very grateful to her for the many times she has supported me to find the way forward.” – Joy McKeith, Founder & Director, Outcomes Star

I co-founded the Sustainable Business Network in 1996 and been active in the fields of human flourishing and systemic social and ecological impact for over 30 years – literally cradle to grave.

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Some of the individuals I work with include:

  • Academics
  • Activists
  • Artists
  • Change agents
  • Charities & NGOs
  • Coaches
  • Educators & institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Food & wine creators
  • Foundations & Trusts
  • Impact Investors
  • Parents & Parents-to-be
  • Philanthropists (trans: “Lovers of humanity”)
  • Purpose-led Leaders
  • Social Innovators
  • Space holders
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Visionaries
  • Wealth Advisers
  • Writers & creatives

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