16TH NOVEMBER 2018 "Libby believes coaching can have a major impact on the systemic wellbeing of the world… Her clients range from coaches to charities to head-and-heart philanthropists, working internationally on a sliding scale. "Libby’s social impact extends to working in organisational development, facilitation and stakeholder relations. She is also a mother, trustee, volunteer, … Continue reading

Case study: Paul

"It’s difficult to express just how honoured I am that Paul Herbertson has joined Journey's by Design's sister Wild Philanthropy as the charity’s Conservation Enterprise Director," said founder Will Jones. "Honoured and extremely grateful to both Paul and his present employer Fauna and Flora International (FFI), who have kindly agreed a one year part-time secondment." Over several … Continue reading Case study: Paul

Reinventing Organisations

Imagine organisations that truly listen, empower each cell and evolve, like living organisms. Imagine teams that manage themselves. Just a super quick post for anyone that hasn't caught up with Fred Laloux's work, or wants to review or update their experience of it. I remember hearing Mathew Taylor, head of the RSA waxing lyrical at … Continue reading Reinventing Organisations