“It’s difficult to express just how honoured I am that Paul Herbertson has joined Journey’s by Design’s sister Wild Philanthropy as the charity’s Conservation Enterprise Director,” said founder Will Jones.

“Honoured and extremely grateful to both Paul and his present employer Fauna and Flora International (FFI), who have kindly agreed a one year part-time secondment.”

Over several months around Paul’s initial appointment,  I met with Paul and Will separately and together, facilitating their partnership forming with coaching and strategic input. Here’s what Paul experienced. What benefits have already come from our work together?

Helped with establishing key roles and responsibilities between myself and Will, ensuring communications flowed and any issues where addressed.

What benefits are likely if you maintain focus?

Better alignment between roles and responsibilities and the avoidance of miscommunications.

What will you maintain focus on to maximise the value from this process?

Ensuring that communications are open and transparent with motivations and expectations explicitly addressed

What are some of your strengths?

Adaptable, strategic, amiable, strong communicator.

Name at least one way you will build on them?

Continue to embrace complexity and adapt accordingly!

What’s the highest potential of the next phase you are going into? Feel free to fully embrace pragmatic optimism!

The opportunities to deliver a new model for conservation and travel that rebalances where the benefits from travel end up.

What are your coach’s strengths?

Open and insightful.

Would you recommend your coach and if so why?

Yes, for her ability to ensure clear communications between people and support development.


About Paul’s appointment to Wild Philanthropy here. As you can imagine, I’m so pleased it’s going so well and honoured to have been able to play a part.

Ever keen to grow, Paul’s asked to work with me again within six months to help him develop further around key areas highlighted in our first round.


If you would like to talk about integrating or supporting team members new or established, perhaps in times of transition feel free to get in touch to explore how I can help.

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