Imagine organisations that truly listen, empower each cell and evolve, like living organisms. Imagine teams that manage themselves.

Just a super quick post for anyone that hasn’t caught up with Fred Laloux’s work, or wants to review or update their experience of it.

I remember hearing Mathew Taylor, head of the RSA waxing lyrical at the launch of Fred’s book and thinking “Ahhh yes! Here comes the new…”

A bunch of friends and colleagues all started to get on board. Do check him out.

A synthesis of so much good stuff.

“This is truly pioneering work. In terms of integral sophistication, there is simply nothing like it out there.” Ken Wilber (from the Foreword)

“Frederic Laloux’s ‘Teal Organization’ could serve as the mid-wife for a new worldview that will allow humankind to consciously evolve to a level where the world works for everyone.” John Renesch Futurist, author of The Great Growing Up

“A richly researched book.  A stimulating and inspiring read!” Robert Kegan Harvard University

“A book like Reinventing Organizations only comes along once in a decade. It is the Good To Great for a more enlightened age.” Norman Wolfe Author of The Living Organization


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