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My coaching practice extends from the micro (eg. parents) to the macro (eg. social entrepreneurs). This keeps life balanced and happy for me.

This page is about individual and family wellbeing workshops, retreats & walking / group coaching sessions.

Women are profound enablers of human flourishing.

How well we treat ourselves and allow others to, can literally determine the outcome of entire communities and societies.

Men are of course just as important, along with our non-binary friends too.

All humans are equal.

Mothers and fathers literally create the future, one day, one breath, one nappy change at a time. Those that have not been able or wanted to have children are also just as important, and have myriad ways to live in balance, and direct their nurturing, protective energies.

From 27 September 2017 onwards, I’m offering a series of workshops and retreats in support of women and parents. Generous input from a range of world leading experts will ensure there is a strong evidence-base as well as being a fun, healthy, friendly way to learn and thrive.

I have led or co-led over 200 workshops, seminars and retreats over the last 30 years, from wellbeing to creativity and much in between – for people from ages 4 to 80. Feedback from a previous retreat here.  Previous workshop here (Wilderness Festival).


One-day workshops 

“Wellbeing for Mamas” – Brighton – September 2017

“How to be you. Women finding their true path” – Brighton – January 2017

“The Power of Menopause” – Brighton & Stroud – Spring 2018

Details soon. Contact me or follow for updates.

Rather than telling you how to be, I will be opening up a safe, interesting space for you to find your truth, with guiding principles to experiment with.

Self-compassion, self-care, mindfulness, head + heart clarity, a strong evidence base and enjoying life will be common  ingredients. 

“Truly skilful, compassionate & wise. World class coaching.”


Walking Sessions

– London Southbank & near you?

From Summer 2017 we will be offering a series of group walking & coaching sessions that anyone can turn up to. Each will be themed and include mindfulness & wellbeing, life/work balance, staying healthy, creativity & collaboration and stress reduction. You can book for one or a series at a low introductory fee.

See 1-2-1 walking wisdom sessions here.

You can also ask for a bespoke offer for your team. Get in touch.

Details soon. Subscribe or get in touch.


Weekend wellbeing retreat – Spring & Autumn 2018 – Sussex, UK

All enquiries welcome. Details soon.

1-2 weeks – late July / early August – Devon, UK

Curious about Buddhism? Want to to try a camping retreat?
I co-lead on wellbeing and inclusion for a truly inspirational retreat (and experiment in community living) at the Buddhafields Village Retreat each summer. My little family have all been closely involved for over a decade and welcome you to join us each summer in Dartmoor on the beautiful land at Frogmill. You do not need to have children to attend, or be Buddhist. Read what our teen daughter had to say about it here. Facebook group here.  I am available for 1-2-1 sessions there or nearby 2-5 August and on retreat there until 13 August. Week one is another option for people with older children or none. My husband will be there setting up the men’s space and our daughter will be there supporting in the teen space if you want a welcoming committee! Any questions, just ask.

We are also involved in the Sussex retreats. Subscribe for updates.


Want one near you?

Also available to bring workshops, retreats & walking sessions to you on request. I will be in Astana, Kazaksthan early Sept 2017, San Diego / Los Angeles late Dec / early Jan, Perth early Feb 2018 (possibly Bali also), so let’s collaborate and tailor something for your community.

I also offer a range of workshops and retreats for organisations, teams and stakeholder groups. Get in touch for a tailored approach on a range of wellbeing and strategic topics

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