Walking Wisdom Feedback


What were the unique benefits of coaching while walking?

The Hon Lynn Maclaren, MLC
Politician / Citizen

  • “Being outside, fresh air, continuing to move through problems, when you want to focus on something, stopping to still the body, gives you a change of state.
  • “Nice physical experience, keeps the breath active, in and out, stills the mind.
  • “Helps focus the mind.
  • “Another layer of experience and memory triggers.
  • “Once halfway, turning back, opportunity to recap, mindful of time remaining, focus required to complete the journey.”

Lyrian Anatta
Activist / Citizen

  • “Engrossing stimuli to more deeply store the session in memory
  • “Subconscious association with (steps in) progress
  • “Space to breathe, pause and compose thoughts constructively imposed by gentle physical exertion
  • “Analogical parallels with life’s interruptions being ephemeral/surmountable, even useful.”

Rebecca Riggs-Bennett
Composer & Producer for Stage & Screen / Citizen / Human

“Your Walking Wisdom completely settled my spirits and the week that just passed was such an ease because of our session. I was very relaxed when I easily could’ve been stressed about what I was doing. I’ve been processing things and exploring different aspects of my mind and thoughts about the future that I have.  It was exactly what I needed to prepare myself for opening weekend, and to engage with/evaluate my friends and peers and the relationships that I have and the relationships I would like to have.”

Louanna Lloyd
Native Title Consultant / Parent / Citizen / Greens Candidate Elect

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