What benefits have already come from our work together?
You said it – NEW ROSS….! Your support and mirroring has enabled this to happen, while working in a more spacious way. This is the most distinct ‘take-away’ – so far…
What benefits can you imagine coming in the future (if you maintain kind awareness on what wants to emerge)?
Building the team through inspiring and creative leadership. If we carry on our current trajectory the added value from working with you will put these within simple grasp.
What are some of your strengths?
Resilience, patience, adaptability, resourcefulness.
Name at least one way you will build on them?
By working in the heart area and less with the head I see no problem.
Bringing creativity into the mix.
Maintaining stamina by staying in the body.
What are your coach’s strengths?
Libby offers a skilful, creative feedback loop. You know the knowledge to ‘fix’ my issue sits within me – looping my voice back with a ‘sense making’ filtered is your skill and all – I believe – is needed
Would you recommend your coach and if so why?
Yes – have done 🙂 – see above + an ‘Aussie’ straight-up-ness.
About Voyage Vert – Ethical sail travel. About Ross Porter, Founding Director.
― Ross Porter, Voyage Vert