My coach has a wonderful way of reflecting my thoughts back at me. I often get caught up in the big idea of the moment and Libby helps me see my life as a journey, where every moment is relevant.

“For me, she offers much support in my journey. She is a good listener and creative thinker.”

“I recommend Libby Davy as a coach because she has a profound understanding of striving for idealistic goals. Libby also supports the embracing of paradoxes and complexity.”
“She achieves the crucial balance of warmth and professionalism.
“Libby’s coaching taps into the increasing need for individuals to attend to the non-virtual elements of our human selves.”

“Outstanding listener. Easy to talk to, I felt safe sharing my thoughts, ideas, feelings. Guiding clients to their own concerns and answers. Structured guidance, e.g. very clear focus on specific goals and practical steps toward them. Intuitive, insightful, offers wisdom when the time is right, doesn’t preach, offers opportunity to discover knowledge.”

  • “Being outside, fresh air, continuing to move through problems, when you want to focus on something, stopping to still the body, gives you a change of state, if you will. Nice physical experience, keeps the breath active, in and out, stills the mind. helps with focussing the mind. Being in touch with your surroundings gives another layer of experience and memory triggers. Once halfway, turning back, opportunity to recap, mindful of time remaining, focus required to complete the journey.”

    See Walking Wisdom for more.

Walking Wisdom Feedback

“I’ve found it extremely useful and uplifting to have a space in which to work through my thoughts and feelings. It’s given me clarity and also balance. I have been able to work through things that I found confusing or upsetting and come out feeling very different to how I started, often lighter and more grounded.”

Libby is very intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally. This shows in her coaching.

“She is great at helping me to reflect on my sessions as a whole, helping me see themes and think of how I have grown over time.

“Her questions and observations also help me think of things in a different way. She also has a huge capacity for love and I feel during sessions that as my coach she genuinely cares for me.

“That makes for a pretty special relationship and environment in which I can ‘work’ on myself.”

“Insightful. Empowering. Naturally gifted at drawing people out.”

“I highly recommend Libby to any purposeful being out there who is ready to not only face but revolutionize their own world. Libby naturally gives off a feeling of possibility making coaching a very fulfilling journey.”

“…incredible eye for the bigger picture. She manages to bring all the stories, points, philosophies and rants I blurt out together and reflect them back to me in beautiful harmony.”