What benefits have already come from our work together?

I have learnt how to listen to my gut. By spending more time with myself- me time (!), I have learnt to listen to my inner voice and recognise it. This has helped my decision making in and out of work.

I have learnt how to fill my well!! Before seeing Libby, I spent all my time with others and listening to them. Now I enjoy (as above) some me time, but also reading before bed and I’ve starting some small gardening projects. I also find recipes to try, which makes me happy as it is therapeutic! I’ve also starting investing in myself with a massage and I’m looking at yoga classes near me.

All the above has ultimately helped me find my voice. I’m more considered in what I say professionally, but I have the confidence to speak, rather than waiting for someone else to say what I’m thinking.

I’ve also started pushing back on additional unnecessary projects, to look after the team.

I am also proud of my semi permeable membrane. Others have remarked that I don’t get as flustered and I don’t take some things as personally anymore. I AM good at my job!

I’ve also found it inspiring to evaluate my values and remind myself of them in various situations.

What benefits can you imagine coming in the future (if you maintain kind awareness on what wants to emerge)?

Empowering myself by giving myself the time to reflect and develop, so I am ultimately a more effective, efficient and innovative person.

What are some of your strengths?

I am empathetic, passionate, driven, caring, thoughtful, a good listener, analytical and positive.

Name at least one way you will build on them?

By congratulating myself when I’ve shown one of my strengths, to positively reinforce it!

What are your coach’s strengths?

Inspiring confidence in others, good listener, great at asking springboard questions – so I answer them myself and keep thinking about them. People person, open, creative.

Would you recommend your coach and if so why?

I already have 😊. She makes me believe in myself and gives me confidence to drive for success without hurting myself.

Any other comments you want to make?

Our time has gone so quickly and I look forward to a follow up in the future.

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― Nicola Casey, Women for Women International (UK)