Some news, inspiration and resources to locate yourself in these crucial times of climate emergency. Could we finally be seeing the world ready to face what we must? Help is at hand. Let’s delve in to solutions, together.

International Extinction Rebellion Week, Day One, Parliament Square

Some background & news

Personally, it’s been quite a ride since meeting Mike Berners-Lee last summer. What is it about the resonance of working with holistic systems people that shifts things? They hold and help release a lot of positive energy. I think that’s why I love coaching them.

Also been getting more involved in Extinction Rebellion (closely linked to the holocracy of our Buddhist community), and am again putting climate at the centre of my mandala. Making haste with ease, as best I can, moment to moment. It’s been this way since 1996 when we formed the Sustainable Business Network (Aust.). If you want to go right back, it was probably growing up with the Whole Earth Catalogue at home, and living close to the earth with very wise, kind, imperfect parents.

I also recently camped, coached and gave a talk for International Women’s Day at the permaculture community where I did my diploma nearly two decades ago. Fair Harvest is evolving stronger than ever, you can feel the life force in the food.

There are worse ways to spend a UK winter, and I blame Captain Cook for my flying footprint 😉 Being Australian by birth (although just today became a UK Citizen!) I do feel I must return sometimes, and make the most of the journey, working, connecting and plugging in as I go – to self, other and earth.

It meant a lot, to sleep on that land, under the stars in Margaret River. My family helped farm and establish the South West of Australia for generations, and I can feel my roots way down there. The bushfires are taking a toll, but it was still a time of renewing hope and energy – with old friends, and dear new colleague and client, Tamara Clements, who’s just joined our team. They’re an earthy, friendly and wise mob to have come from. No bullshit, hard working and cultured.

A recent working holiday in Canggu and Ubud in Bali also fed me deeply, experiencing the vital life force of an indigenous culture. The book below fell out on the laptop, in among the rice paddies as I met and coached some powerful change agents. The Tri Hita Kirana – Three Causes of Wellbeing was so obvious in the kindness of the people, despite hardship and development. Much to unpack there, but will save that for another post.

There is No Planet B

But back to Mike. He asked for input on thinking systems and other aspects to complete his engaging and essential new book There is No Planet B – A handbook for the make or break years”.

Reading a tasty tome like that in draft form is no small feat, let alone helping advance what was already a pretty compact summary of a vast subject. He’s done a great job, and it’s an honour to support its flourishing, and his. Clever, kind human is Mike. Brother of Tim, who invented the World Wide Web, and a natural at understanding systems change. Mike’s time in a Zen monastery might have been a catalyst too, and working with Outward Bound in nature, with kids. Now he’s a professor of sustainability at Lancaster.

“This book will shock you, surprise you, and then make you laugh. And you’ll find practical and even inspiring ideas for what you can actually do to help humanity thrive on this – our only – planet.”

Here’s a video summary of his talk last week at The RSA, and audio only follows, for you walkers and commuters who don’t get a seat. Or swots who want to listen again. But really, the charts and images are much needed. Which is why it’s better to get the book as hard copy not e-version. There’s now an audio version of the whole book online too.

Health warning. The Climate Emergency is real. My question at the end of the talk below was asked after reading up on Deep Adaption. Mike’s answer is a good working one for now.

And Rebecca Solnit’s book Hope in the Dark goes a long to way fulfil on its title. She’s without a doubt, one of my most beloved writers and I often give her books as gifts.

“With Hope in the Dark, Rebecca Solnit makes a radical case for hope as a commitment to act in a world whose future remains uncertain and unknowable.”

Play the UN SDGs Game

There is a deep, fun, effective way to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we must reach by 2030 or sooner. I’m one of the world’s first batch of facilitators outside of Japan, where it originated just after the SDGs were officially announced in 2017. Find out how you or your team can learn from this powerful simulation. Over 100,000 people have experienced it already and the 2030 SDGs Game is poised to have real impact worldwide, just in the nick of time. Book a chat here.

Planet Me – How to Wake Up & Evolve

Lastly for now, I now have a companion book in the pipeline, due out next year called Planet Me – How to Wake Up & Evolve When There is No Planet B. It aims to be practical, poetic and philosophical, taking a holistic coaching and systems change approach to help change agents work out how to grow their sphere of influence. Applicable in all sectors of society, family, community, government and business.

It will help us do not just our best but, as Winston Churchill would say, to do what is necessary.

To be and have enough. Which will mean facing fear, getting empowered and learning to share, just like we teach children to.

Please add your voice and find out more here.

Latest climate emergency news via Twitter here.

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